Kore Wobble Chairs

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Chairs with a slightly rounded bottom and no-tip design provide a safe instability that engages your Kore!

A constant "wobble" engages muscles and provides an opportunity for students to release excess energy. These award winning chairs improve balance and allow students’ backs, knees, and hips to rest comfortably!

Build Strength and Engagement

Wobble seats provide a great seating option during class. They provide 360° of wobbling and let students move around, keeping them focused and increasing productivity. A rounded bottom creates a rocking motion while in use which strengthens the core. This helps build muscles and has been shown to have a calming effect in students that might otherwise be hyperactive. The comfortable seat comfort lets students change position without disruption.

Excellent Durability

Durable plastic construction stands up to long-term, repeated use in any classroom or institutional setting. Comfortable seat is also protected by antimicrobial properties and is easy to clean, making it perfect for use in shared settings. Molded plastic is lightweight, making each seat easy to move. Easy assembly. Each chair is 4 lb and supports up to 250 lb. Made in the USA.

Chair Options

  • Kore
    • Kids Kore, 14"H
    • Jr Kore, 16"H
    • Teen Kore, 19"H