KIN-BALL Game Official Rule Book

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The official rule book for KIN-BALL Games.

Learn the official rules and regulations of this fun, fast-paced, multi-team game. Students of any age learn how to strategize and work together while trying to keep the ball from hitting the ground. KIN-BALL ball sold separately.

To play, start by dividing the class into 3 teams of 4 players and assign each team a color. The starting team stands in the middle of the play area, with the other players surrounding the team in the shape of a square. While serving the ball, the server calls out "OMNIKIN" and the color of an opposing team. The team called out gets together and tries to catch the ball before it touches the ground to earn a point. If the ball hits the ground, the other teams earn a point. The game continues for three periods of 15 minutes each.