Keyclean Pro Dry Mop System

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Basketball floor cleaner quickly wipes up slick spots and reduces injury risk during the game.

Before the game, during a timeout, and throughout halftime, the Keyclean basketball floor cleaner system makes it easy to keep floors safe at all times! Specially-designed pads pick up debris and moisture from the playing surface to prevent slips.

Quick Cleanup

Ideal for general cleaning, 18"L x 24"W microfiber pads quickly wipe up sweat and moisture between plays, reducing potential for slips and falls. Wide pads make cleanup quick and efficient while also picking up dust, germs, and bacteria. Simply adjust the telescoping handle to an ideal length and push it on the playing surface. Launder pads to reuse.

Complete KeyClean Pro System includes 2 handles and 4 pads; 13 lb total. Replacement Pad also available individually.