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IronRange Mesabi Women's Cerakote 15 kg Olympic Bars

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Our best hybrid women's weightlifting bars, now with a rugged Cerakote finish!

Our women's Mesabi Hybrid Bars are made in Minnesota with American steel. They're also coated with Cerakote for maximum corrosion resistance and impressive performance. This incredibly thin coating provides unbeatable durability while preserving the bar’s deep knurling, allowing for a firm grip during every lift. Available in bright colors, female students will appreciate quicker bar selection and a fun pop of color in your gym setting.

These are the only women's Cerakote bars on the market with self-lubricating Oilite bronze bushings, which offer a smoother spin and less maintenance than composite bushings. Optimize your students’ training time by taking Mesabi Cerakote bars for a spin.

  • 15 kg (35 lb)
  • 25 mm dia
  • 78.5”L overall
  • 13.5”L sleeve


  • 190K tensile strength.
  • Oilite self-lubricating bonze bushings for no maintenance.
  • Medium whip. Medium Knurl.
    • No center knurling.
    • Knurling all the way to the sleeves.
  • Olympic weightlifting and powerlifting markings.
  • Dual snap ring construction provides secure attachment of sleeve to bar.