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InReach Teacher Boards

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Unit:  Set of 6

Easy-to-follow tool for teaching basic activities and skills during Adaptive PE classes.

Simple language and easy-to-understand pictures clearly explain how to perform activities. Teachers can set up adapted PE lesson plans and provide minimal instruction, while students get a full activity regimen that's self-led and self-paced. Durable construction makes these boards a reliable option for any setting.

Easy-to-Follow Instruction

Designed to be self-paced and easily understood, these large 18" x 18" teaching tools for adapted PE provide photographs that show before and after pictures of each motion or movement. The concise instructions are easy to understand at a glance. Boards feature different skills on each side and include throwing, catching, kicking, and jumping. Teachers can set up different stations throughout the gym and have their students rotate to work on each skill with minimal explanation required.

Durable Construction

Their 18" x 18" size makes these cards easy to read. 1/8" thick reinforced plastic makes them resilient during handling, as well as resistant to the occasional drop. Tape, tack, or prop these cards up in activity areas and give students ample ability to view them in groups. Teachers can also lead classes by holding cards and swapping them with each new motion.