InReach Screamin' Yellow Coated-Foam Balls

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Unit:  Set of 6

Bright ball stimulates the senses and makes kids excited to throw, catch, and roll it!

Bright and soft, this foam dodgeball is a great multi-purpose piece of PE equipment. It's a safe, non-intimidating way to get students involved and help them focus on learning critical motor skills. The bright color of this coated-foam ball for adapted gym classes is also great for assessing skills because it's easy to track.

Bright, Engaging Color

Screamin' Yellow cover makes these balls stand out wherever they are. The bright color makes the balls easy to track when tossed or rolled. It also encourages students to focus on the bright yellow ball over everything else that may serve as a distraction.

Long-Lasting Construction

A premium coating and low-density design keeps these balls in great condition. The cover resists peeling, cracking, or fading during use indoors and out. The durable balls are safe and friendly thanks to their low-density foam construction. Balls are 7" dia, making them great for throwing, rolling, catching, and kicking.