Gopher Optic™ Video Training

Introducing the Gopher Optic™

The Gopher Optic™

1 min 07 s

The Gopher Optic™ Monitor

Everything you need to know about the Gopher Optic™ Monitor.

0 min 46 s

Optic™ Placement

The proper way to wear your Gopher Optic™ Monitor.

0 min 56 s

The Gopher HUB™

The Gopher HUB™ collects data from the Gopher Optic™ Monitors and transports it to the iPad®.

Gopher AssessTech™ Software

1 min 53 s

Installing the AssessTech™ Software

This video covers downloading the AssessTech™ App and connecting it to a Dropbox account.

1 min 51 s

Uploading a Class Lists to Dropbox

Uploading a class list is the fastest and most efficient way for teachers to use the Optic™.

1 min 47 s

Uploading a Participant List to Dropbox

Uploading a participant list is best for instructors with multiple users in different classes.

1 min 25 s

Importing Data within AssessTech™

Importing data directly into the AssessTech™ App is fastest for a small group of users.

1 min 23 s

Updating Participant Data

Making updates to participant data.

Gopher AssessTech™ Set Up

1 min 21 s

Configuring the Gopher HUB™ as a Hotspot

Running your Gopher HUB™ as a hotspot.

2 min 33 s

Configuring Multiple HUBs through Hotspot

Setting up multiple HUBs™ while connected as a hotspot.

1 min 52 s

Sensor Set Up

This video covers how to assign a unique ID to each Gopher Optic™ Monitor.

Using Gopher AssessTech™

1 min 55 s

Using the Gopher AssessTech™ Application

This video covers everything to expect during an active session.

1 min 03 s


AssessTech™ has the ability to create individual participant reports.