Indoor Climbing Nets

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Choose standard or heavy-duty polypropylene ropes with 12" or 9" sq mesh openings.

Less intimidating than climbing ropes, yet just as effective in helping students develop upper-body strength and coordination, a climbing net is ideal for younger students and small groups of climbers.

Build Skills Through Climbing

Large indoor climbing nets are a great way for multiple students to climb at the same time. They learn how to maneuver up and down the net while other students do the same thing, causing the net to move and sway, adding another level of challenge as they build endurance and upper-body strength. Climbing with peers also enhances spatial awareness, coordination, and teamwork, to ensure everyone gets to the top and back.

Strong, Durable Construction

These cargo nets for climbing in indoor gyms are designed to withstand the rigors of an institutional setting. They are made of durable polypropylene with a non-slip hitch at all mesh intersections for added reliability.

  • Standard Nets. Feature 3/4" horizontal rope for a secure footing and a 1/2" vertical rope for easier grip by younger students with smaller hands. Include a 4'L lanyard for tying the net onto smooth-surface ceiling hardware or framework.
  • Heavy-Duty Nets. Thick 3/4" rope both horizontally and vertically to easily handle multiple users without sagging. The top features large, 4" dia spliced eye loops for securely hanging nets.

Nets are available in two mesh sizes to best suit the needs of your students. 12" sq mesh is ideal for middle school students and up, while 9" sq mesh is ideal for elementary students. A minimum of 5 attachments is recommended per net for Standard and Heavy-Duty options. Nets include installation instructions, information on usage/maintenance, and activities. Indoor use only.