Indestructo-Ball Balls

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Beginner baseballs with amazing durability and safety for beginners and training purposes!

These durable practice balls are made with a flexible vinyl material that’s tough enough to handle any bat. The patterned hole design reduces the ball’s speed for practice situations, making them perfect for play indoors or out.

Superb Beginner Balls

The flexible construction of these balls makes them non-intimidating for new or younger players. The soft design is safe to catch without a baseball glove. This also makes them ideal for use indoors because they will not leave marks on the floors. The patterned hole design makes the ball come off the bat at a slower speed than other beginner balls, making it easier for younger players to track and successfully catch balls. Rainbow colors let teachers set up color-coded stations to work on particular baseball skills.

Durable Practice Aid

The tough vinyl construction makes these balls ready for hard hits with wood or metal bats during training sessions, indoors or out. The flexible design absorbs a lot of energy when hit and reduces the flight speed. Each ball features molded-in laces for extra texture and control. Use 3" dia balls as a baseball training tool, or incorporate the 4" dia balls into softball practice.