Hoop Coupe Storage Bags

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Heavy-duty hula hoop bags for easy distribution and organized storage of up to 12 hoops.

Storing and transporting hoops has become more convenient than ever before, thanks to these premium polyester bags! Each bag features durable polyester that will not tear, a comfortable nylon shoulder strap for easy transport, and a heavy-duty zipper for quick unloading/loading.

Convenient Storage and Transportation

Hoops can be an awkward item to store, as they don’t collapse or break down. Their round shape means they can also roll away if not stored properly. These convenient storage bags resolve this problem. Each bag holds a full set of 12 hoops and has 2 handles and a shoulder strap. This handy design allows you to hang the bag over your back or carry it easily with your hands free. Most other competing bags only have the handles or a strap, not both.

Made to Last

No other hoop bag is as durable as Hoop Coupe! Made with extremely thick and durable polyester, this bag is incredibly strong and durable and resists wrinkles, shrinking, abrasion, and mildew. It dries quickly if it does get wet and is UV-resistant, so they won’t fade if used outside over long periods of time. Extra attention at the seams ensure they won’t come apart.

Multiple Colors and Sizes

Three colors easily denote which size bag you are carrying. This means you can easily tell which bag is holding the correct size of hoop for your activity. Simple grab it and set up in seconds!

Hoop Coupe Storage Bag Options

Hoop Coupe Storage Bags are available in 3 colors and sizes.

  • 24” dia, Black
  • 30” dia, Red
  • 36” Dia, Blue