Hextreme Bar

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Extremely tough deadlift bar features specially-sized handles!

A heavy-duty powder-coated steel hex bar holds up to 1,000 lb and keeps weight centered and evenly distributed. Correct alignment reduces stress on the spine, incorporating similar muscles as barbell deadlifts without the same risk of injury. Heavy-duty powder-coated steel construction resists chips and dents for years to come.


  • The inside handle is 25 mm in dia (women’s grip), designed for smaller hands and those with a shorter reach.
  • The outer handle is 28-1/2 mm dia (men’s grip), the standard barbell dia and meant for people with longer reach.
  • This is our largest and heaviest trap bar with the highest load capacity (1,000 lb). For use by intermediate and advanced lifters.
  • 88”L x 28-1/2”W; 60 lb.