Heavyweight Vinyl Cones

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Extra weight in the bottom makes these orange sport vinyl cones more stable than others!

A weighted base keeps these cones upright, even in strong winds or with light contact. Their flexible vinyl material holds up through all weather conditions without ripping. Cones stack into each other for easy storage and transportation.

Enhanced Durability

High-density all-PVC construction make this cone a tremendous combination of durability and flexibility. A 1-1/2 mm (2 mm on the 28” size) wall thickness ensures the cone will never tear while a weighted base keeps cones in place. Despite their durability, these cones gently depress on impact and then spring back to their original shape, keeping students safe during action-packed games.

Highly Visible

A bright safety orange color features ultraviolet stabilizers for maximum resistance to fading. This high visibility helps to prevent potential safety hazards for years to come.

Multiple Options

The cones are available in 4 sizes, which allows you to choose the proper cone for your specific need. For example, the 6”H cones are perfect for marking out 40-yard dash start and finish lines, while the 28”H cones make for great soccer goals.