Health for Life

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A high schooler's guidebook to a lifetime of health and wellness.

This textbook helps high school students explore key influences in their health and wellness, consumer topics, decision making, habits and behavior change, interpersonal communication, and how health and technology intersect. The book meets all National Health Education and state health education standards and includes a web resource.

Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

This textbook contains information on all aspects of living a healthy lifestyle, from preventing disease to avoiding destructive habits. It also discusses the types of factors that influence our health choices, such as peers, media, technology, and more. High school students can especially benefit from this 424-page book, as they tend to have more control making healthy choices than younger students do. The book is also available in a digital format to reach students across a variety of platforms.



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Touring Health for Life

  • Unit I. Understanding Health and Wellness
    • Chapter 1. Introduction to Health and Wellness
    • Chapter 2. Health Behavior Change and Personal Health
    • Chapter 3. Choosing Healthy Lifestyles
  • Unit II. Preventing Disease and Seeking Care
    • Chapter 4. Understanding Your Body
    • Chapter 5. Diseases and Disability
    • Chapter 6. Emotional Health and Wellness
    • Chapter 7. Health Care Consumerism
  • Unit III. Embracing Priority Lifestyles
    • Chapter 8. Nutrition: Foundations for Healthy Eating
    • Chapter 9. Nutrition: Energy Balance and Consumer Nutrition
    • Chapter 10. Physical Activity: Health and Fitness Basics
    • Chapter 11. Physical Activity: Getting Started With Your Plan
    • Chapter 12. Stress Management
  • Unit IV. Building Relationships and Lifelong Health
    • Chapter 13. Family Living and Healthy Relationships
    • Chapter 14. Health and Wellness Throughout Life
  • Unit V. Avoiding Destructive Habits
    • Chapter 15. Tobacco
    • Chapter 16. Alcohol
    • Chapter 17. Drugs and Medicine
  • Unit VI. Creating Healthy and Safe Communities
    • Chapter 18. Safety and First Aid
    • Chapter 19. A Healthy Environment
    • Chapter 20. Community and Public Health