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GripFit Workout Mats

As low as $105.00

Mats grip the floor and stay in place so students stay safe!

An antiskid baking keeps these mats in place, even as users perform dynamic exercises, and step or jump on and off the mats. These gripped mats won't slip, giving students the confidence to give their best effort during workouts.

The top surface of these vinyl mats is soft and comfortable for students, while the bottom utilizes non-slip material to create traction with the floor. The result is a vinyl mat that’s ready to stand up to heavy movement, without budging.


  • Tough 10 oz vinyl cover is very durable and easily wipes clean after use.
  • Folding design includes 2 nylon-stitched handles for easy transport and storage.
  • An antiskid backing holds mat in place, keeping students safe during vigorous workouts.
  • Class sets can easily and quickly be transported with included storage cart, which protects mats when not in use.

GripFit Mats are 2'W x 1" thick. ClassPlus Packs include 24 mats and an UltraFit Steel MatMover Cart (58”L x 27”W x 41-1/2”H).