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Gopher Urethane Bumper Plates

As low as $219.00

Our most professional bumper plates!

High-end urethane outlasts rubber and will not dry out, making our plates perfect for institutional settings. A minimal bounce enhances safety as they won’t smash toes or roll away. A larger stainless steel inset collar protects the plate from wear and tear and also replicates a competition plate. Each plate’s vibrant color will not fade, even after long-term use, so they keep a professional look. Colors also provide quick selection of weights for users and the outer lip makes it easy to grasp and carry each plate. Finally, a molded-in weight identifier will not wear off for easy identification!

Pack Options

  • Platform Packs. Include:
    • 340 lb set of Bumper Plates (2 ea 10-55 lb)
    • IronRange Hybrid bar (Men's Mesabi or Women's Cuyuna), 1 Ea
    • IronRange Plate Harbor Horizontal Mobile Rack, 1 Ea

Set Options

  • Light Plate Set. Includes 2 ea 10, 25, 45 lb plates.
  • Medium Plate Set. Includes 2 ea 25, 35, 55 lb; 4 ea 10, 45 lb plates.
  • Heavy Plate Set. Includes 2 ea 25, 35, 55 lb; 4 ea 10 lb; 6 ea 45 lb plates.