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Gopher ReLAX Plus Lacrosse Sets

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ReLAX and enjoy the long-lasting durability of these easy-to-use sticks during lacrosse fun!


  • Aluminum shaft
  • Wide plastic head/basket
  • 40"L stick

Improved Handling & Control

Specially-designed aluminum shaft is stronger than the original for longer-lasting play. The flexible, oversized head is also slightly improved for better ball control and scooping. A performance end cap enhances control when passing, scooping, and shooting the ball. Our best lacrosse sticks are 40"L, making them a great option for most players. Each stick is 1/2 lb. Available individually in a lacrosse set for 12 or 24 players.

Set Options:

  • 12-Player Set. Includes 12 sticks (6 red, 6 blue) and 12 rubber balls
  • 24-Player Set. Includes 24 sticks (12 red, 12 blue), 24 rubber balls, and a DuraBag duffle.
  • Individual Stick/Ball. Includes 1 stick and 1 ball.