Gopher QuikShot Disc Golf Discs

As low as $9.95

Excellent all-around disc golf disc, constructed for years of long-lasting performance.

These discs provide a perfectly-designed way to teach the fundamentals of disc golf to your students. Three disc options are ideal for any length approach, with varying rim widths and all-weather grips to encourage confidence when throwing.


  • Diameter: 21 cm
  • Rim Width: 1.6 cm (driver), 1-1/2 cm (mid-range), .95 cm (putter)
  • Weight: 160-169 grams

Great Grip and Handling

A lower overall disc weight of 160-169 grams makes these disc golf discs easier to control and handle than heavier options make for more advanced players. This lightweight design and a thinner rim width makes these discs travel faster with less momentum behind them. This is ideal for younger students with less arm strength. An all-weather grip gives students a firm hold that's helpful when developing form and technique.

Disc Options

  • Driver. Excels over long-ranges and flies true-to-throw for better reliability and accuracy. Break out the driver for throws of 70 meters or more. This is also an ideal disc for beginners, since the average hole length for youth disc golf targets is 75 meters, according to the PDGA.
  • Mid-Range. Ideal for flight distances between 50 and 70 meters. Can also be used as a utility disc for shorter or trickier shots. These discs are also great for attempting special throws or adding finesse to a shot, making them a favorite of developing students.
  • Putter. Generally reserved for close approaches of less than 50 meters. Discs tends to fly slower and straighter toward the target. The low weight and rim makes this disc perfect for an on-target approach even when winds are high or rain is falling.