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Gopher Pop-Up Football Tackling Trainers

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Safely practice football tackle maneuvers with unlimited repetitions!

Speed up drills for more progress in less time and reduce risk of injury with these durable tackle trainers. And because they don’t require a holder, they are easy to set up in seconds. The 20” dia base does all the work, allowing the trainer to pop back up after each tackle. Rubber coating protects players who come into contact with the base accidentally.

A double cover in 18 oz vinyl provides unmatched durability against students most intense tackles. They’ll survive hit after hit, ensuring a long-lasting training tool that will increase team skills for years to come. A foam core retains air for consistent performance. When training is over, easily transport these trainers thanks to triple-reinforced handles on the top and bottom.

All trainers are 20” dia at the base and taper up. Specify color when ordering.

Size Options:

  • 54”H, 169 lb
  • 72”H, 198 lb