Gopher Pacer 500 Stopwatch

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The next edition of Gopher stopwatches!

A two-row display makes it easy to enjoy all of the top-tier timing features of this stopwatch for PE teachers. Cycle the lap counter between fastest, slowest, and average lap tracking with the press of a button, while also viewing up to 10 previously recorded times for quick reference tracking of the whole class.

Primary Functions

  • Single Event Time – Time from start to finish for any activity.
  • Split Time – Time from start to the next pause of time.
  • Lap Time – Interval or segment of time elapsed since the previous reading.
  • Dual Split Time – Simultaneous display of lap and split times.
  • Lap Counter – Tracks all of the readings taken.
  • Memory Recall – The ability to recall up to 10 previous recordings.
  • 10 Hour Timing Range – Maximum length of time available in watch's memory.
  • Countdown – Reverse timer feature that counts down to zero from a set time.

Superior Features at a Great Value

No other school stopwatch offers the incredible functionality of the Gopher Pacer 500™ at the same price point! A myriad of features allows PE teachers to track an assortment of times across up to 10 students simultaneously, no matter the event. Time events as long as 10 hours and track pace, laps, and lap times, or use as a single timer for races that can track split times across students finishing the 50-yd dash, shuttle relays, and more. Dual rows ensure numbers are clearly visible on an accommodating watch face and are traditionally found on more expensive stopwatches only.

Pacer 500™ doesn't skimp on the features and remains an economical choice for schools and institutions looking for comprehensive time tracking and measuring. Sleek silver case matches its functionality, giving the stopwatch an overall professional look and feel. Long-lasting lithium battery isn't affected by changing temperatures or humidity and lasts on average 3-5 years so you can rely on its performance. Compare other brands and models at more than double the price to see the superior value offered by the Gopher Pacer 500™!

Other Functions

  • 1st through 10th finishes
  • Date
  • Time
  • Alarm
  • Lithium battery
  • Lanyard
  • ON/OFF
  • Mute Key
  • Temp Display
  • Low Battery Indication