Gopher Oversized Aluminum/Titanium Racquetball Racquet

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Large, wide-body head with a huge sweet spot.

To help acclimate students with the nuances of hitting for power and/or accuracy, the oversized head of these beginner racquetball racquets is ideal. Trust strong construction and an easy handling design to help students grow their skills and raise their confidence as they learn the game of racquetball.

Enormous Sweet Spot

Thanks to an oversized, wide-body head, connecting with shots has never been easier! Longer strings and a more reactive string bed mean a larger sweet spot for more shots with power, speed, and accuracy. Plus, 23 mm head beams require less power from the player to put zip on the ball.

Rugged Design

A durable aluminum and titanium design with minimal flex lends itself to better rigidity overall, meaning strength and stability for players. A synthetic grip also allows for longevity in institutional settings. Students will be better able to grip and control their racquets, which means fewer incidents of contact with the floor or other racquets. A nylon bumper protects the head and the string bed against accidents.

Choose from 2 string options—nylon or coated-steel—to provide your players with the support they need as they learn the game. Nylon strings will offer great playability and accuracy without losing tension over time, while coated-steel strings offer unparalleled longevity for situations of extreme institutional wear.

  • Nylon Strings, 7.3 oz/210 g
  • Coated-Steel Strings, 8.0 oz/229 g


  • Aluminum-Titanium Frame
  • Oversized, Wide-Body Head
  • O-Beam Construction
  • Synthetic Grip
  • Nylon or Coated-Steel Strings
  • 22”L