Gopher G1000 Twin-Shaft Steel Badminton Racquet

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Our popular G1000 racquet has a twin shaft for even better durability.

Enjoy double the durability in a manageable weight! These racquets afford beginners great handling and power, without the strain that heavier constructions can add, helping to promote good fundamentals and fast-paced play. Braided-nylon and coated steel string options, in 5.0 and 5.7 oz weights, accommodate rugged use in institutional settings, making them an economically-sound investment.


  • 26”L Frame
  • Tempered-Steel Construction
  • Braided-Nylon or Coated-Steel String Options
  • 5.0 or 5.7 oz

Exceptional Durability

Not only does a tempered-steel frame promote lasting durability across heavy institutional play, the twin shaft construction serves to enhance resilience without burdening players with excess weight! Complemented by a durable synthetic-leather grip, easy handling makes for better play that will mitigate accidental drops and swings that might detract from racquets. Braided-nylon and coated-steel options stand up to volley after volley over years of institutional play, delivering lively hits each and every time.

Fast-Paced Play

Students can swing heartily when serving or returning thanks to the lightweight feel of these racquets. A 26”L design with an oval head design allows more room for error when volleying, keeping shuttlecocks off of the floor and in the air longer, extending play to keep students moving at all times! Comfortable hand grip and balanced design improve reaction times to make room for bigger hits, better saves, and exciting volleys.

Gopher G1000 Twin-Shaft Steel Badminton Racquet Options

Gopher G1000 Twin-Shaft Steel Badminton Racquets are available in two string options.


  • Braided-Nylon Strings, 5.0 oz
  • Coated-Steel Strings; 5.7 oz
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