Gopher G1000 Jr Twin-Shaft Steel Badminton Racquet

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Twin shafts make this our strongest badminton racquet for elementary and middle school.

Durability and resilience are at the core of this twin-shafted racquet making them the perfect option for students being exposed to badminton for the very first time. A hefty 5.7 oz steel shaft and coated-steel strings will stand up to just about any use, while also delivering quality performance that will serve as a sound foundation for skill development. This is the most durable junior racquet we offer!


  • 24"L Frame
  • Tempered-Steel Construction
  • Coated-Steel Strings
  • 5.7 oz

Unmatched Durability

Twin steel shafts and a traditional oval racquet head feature unsurpassed durability, so teacher's won't have to worry about thrashing them around during beginners' lessons. These beginner badminton racquets are built to withstand drops and clashes, making them a great option for institutional settings. Coated-steel strings add even more durability without compromising playability, and they add to the weighty feel of each swing.

Great for Beginners

An ergonomic grip and easy-to-control head combine to offer controlled hitting and powerful swings, to keep students engaged as the shuttlecock flies back and forth. Teach serving, volleying, and spiking with ease and watch as students experience the delight of hitting their first match point or sending back a tricky save! Recommended for students age 7 to 11.