Giant Tower

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Remove blocks carefully without toppling the tower!

Build a tower using individual wooden blocks. Have students take turns removing the pieces and restacking them on top, without causing the tower to tumble over! Students can play 1-on-1 or in teams. Solid wooden blocks are sturdy enough to handle tumbles and falls when the tower collapses.

Stay Active and Aware

When it comes to pulling blocks out from this tower, students need to be aware of the entire structure to ensure they do not pull the block that sends it toppling! They'll need to walk around the giant tower, assess each block, and take the right approach to removing a block. Unlike tabletop versions of the same game, students also move and position themselves! Bigger blocks require proper balance when re-stacking, which can mean approaching the tower from a different angle.

How to Play

Build the tower 18 levels high, with 3 blocks per level, alternating direction with each new tier. One by one, students take turns pushing, pulling, sliding, or wiggling blocks out of any level, then replacing them on top. The object is to safely remove your block and place it on top of the tower without sending the entire thing crashing to the ground! When the tower falls, the student who topples it is out. Rebuild the tower and play again until only 1 student is left standing.

Sets include 58 pine wood blocks and a storage bag. Giant Tower blocks (8"L x 3"W x 2"H; 11 oz) create a tower 3'H. Jumbo Hi-Tower blocks (6" x 2"W x 1-1/4"H; 4 oz) create a tower 2'H.