GamePlay TripleToss Set

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Classic ladder ball game is fun for all ages and skill levels.

Simple, yet fun tailgate games, ladder ball is easy to learn and will provide students with hours of fun. Toss the ladder balls on any of the targets' 3 crossbars for points! Ladder ball rules are easy to follow. Each crossbar is worth a different point value, increasing strategy and allowing for variations of this game. Sturdy PVC targets assemble easily and can be used indoors or out. Lightweight design allows for easy transport.

Easy to Play

To play, students stand behind their frame and underhanded toss their bolos at the opposite ladder. Players from each team alternate turns until all bolos are thrown. Track points for each round. The first team to get 21 points without going over, wins!

Quality Equipment

Strong PVC targets do not flex or bend, allowing bolos to wrap around each tier of the ladder without rocking off or shaking free. Targets also feature a wide base to prevent tipping and wobbling during play on indoor and outdoor surfaces. These lightweight ladderball targets are easy to move when setting up games or making adjustments. Bolos feature 2 weighted plastic ends fused to a nylon rope.

Set includes 2 targets (1 ea red, blue; 32"L x 21"W x 36"H each), 6 bolos (3 ea red, blue), and activity instructions.