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GamePlay Team TripleToss Set

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The tossing action never stops with 10 exciting and easy-to-learn activities!

Play classic outdoor yard games indoors using this ladder game set. With 6 different colored ladders and bolos, the entire class can get in on the action on these outdoor kids' games! Play classic picnic games, math-focused activities, or make up your own games with rules and objectives that are specific to your students and class focus.

Several Game Options

Games put a focus on a number of critical skills including teamwork, communication, coordination, and math skills. Included activity instructions outline 10 exciting games to get you started. Each activity comes with game play options, allowing you to make adjustments to scale the difficulty of the activity or add your own spin on games. Ladders feature vivid Rainbow colors, making it easy to clearly identify teams.

Durable Equipment

Ladders are made of PVC piping that is strong and rigid, enabling them to stand up to multiple player use in institutional settings. A wide base prevents them from tipping over or falling as bolos land on them. Ladders measure 32"L x 21"W x 36"H.

Complete Set includes 6 ladder targets, 18 bolos, and activity instructions.