GamePlay Team Croquet Set

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A variety of fast-paced croquet activities provide high-energy fun for the whole class.

Get the entire class involved with these massive croquet sets, designed to support up to 32 players. 7 strategy-based games come included with the set, however there’s no limit to the fun since croquet has an infinite number of layouts and rule variations. Players work together with their team to achieve game objectives and develop a range of skills to master this classic croquet ball and mallet game.

Action-Packed Games

Teams compete in 7 interactive activities that are designed around group and team play, to keep students moving. All activity instructions come with clear diagrams, objectives, set-ups, and gameplay directions, making it easy to learn and master rules quickly.

Teach Teamwork and Other Skills

All of the games and activities in this 32-player set are designed with group play, teamwork, and cooperation in mind. Whether working in pairs or larger teams, players need to work as a group to achieve an objective. Students learn important communication skills as they improve motor skills.

Quality Construction

Team-colored mallets feature a textured rubber-capped striking surface, giving students better control of shots during play. Mallet heads and shafts are made of contoured hardwood designed for long-lasting play. Hard polymer plastic balls withstand institutional use outdoors without losing their shape or color.

Set includes:

  • Mallets, 28"L handle, Set of 36
  • Balls, 84 mm, Set of 36
  • Vinyl-Coated Steel Wickets, Set of 54
  • Hardwood Stakes, 24"L, 12 Ea
  • Storage Bag, 6 Ea
  • Activity Instructions