GamePlay Soft-Stix Team Horseshoes Set

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Add competitive fun to PE with the whole class trying to throw a ringer at once!

Give your students a soft, safe horseshoe games set they can use indoors or out! Each set includes 30 foam horseshoes, allowing you to get your entire class involved with the fun. This is our largest horse shoe set, featuring our most entry-level shoes.

Get the Entire Class Involved

With so many horseshoes available, teachers can set up a wide variety of activities during PE classes and after-school programs. This set includes activity instructions for action-packed team relays and game alternatives.

In one game called Toss for Time, teachers choose the starting teams, and a player from each team stands behind the stake while the others stand behind the tossing line. At the signal, the first player in line tosses 2 horseshoes, 1 at a time. The player by the stake picks up the horseshoes and returns to the tossing line, while the thrower moves to the stake. Players earn a point for each horseshoe they land around a stake. The team with the most points wins.

Friendly Construction

Made of lightweight polyurethane foam, these horseshoes are ideal for students of any age. The design is safer than traditional metal horseshoes, and it's soft enough for use indoors on gym floors.

Set includes 30 foam horseshoes, 14 foam stakes w/ base, storage bag, and activity instructions.


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