GamePlay Lawn Games Pack

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Keep your entire class entertained with the ultimate assortment of classic lawn games!

Featuring 6 of the most popular tossing games all rolled into a single convenient set, your students will enjoy hours of fun tossing, catching, aiming, and outscoring their opponents! These fun outdoor kid games include Washer Toss, TripleToss, DiscBonk, Classic Croquet, Medio Bocce, and BagMania. All games come with instructions.

Encourage Movement and Teamwork

It's easy to keep the entire class on-task and having fun using the 6 entertaining outdoor games for kids in this set. PE teachers or after-school program organizers can use each game independently or set them up in a circuit to keep the entire class moving. These games encourage students work together, participate, and learn while having fun. This set is also great for field day activities or recess, where students can pick the game they like best and engage with friends and classmates for friendly competition.

Easy to Learn

Games come with activity instructions explaining how to set them up and play, as well as how to create variations on each game to keep students interested. If they're not already familiar with these unique lawn games, they will quickly get the hang of things and find themselves having a great time!