GamePlay Croquet Set

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Unit:  Set

Solid hardwood mallets tailored for beginners or experienced players.

Our most affordable croquet set is also our most durable and reliable! These wooden croquet sets feature great detail, resilience, durability, and quality. Design a course that’s befitting to the number of players or their skill level, and watch as students have hours of fun. Set comes with enough equipment for 6 students to play at once, with 9 different “holes” to configure.

Infinite Ways to Play

Designed for outdoor play, set up a classic match and play using traditional croquet rules or configure your own course layout and modify the game to fit the players swinging a mallet. Teachers can adjust the difficulty for a new challenge or to meet the needs of players.

Superior Construction

Durable, polymer balls easily roll in the grass, creating more velocity with less force. They have a tough shell that stands up to impact from mallets. The shell also helps the balls maintain their color or shape integrity during outdoor use.

Mallets feature contoured hardwood and have a rubber-cap on the striking face of the mallet. Wooden mallets minimize the vibration that comes with impacting a ball and creates more force per connection. Handles are 28"L with 9"L, rubber-capped heads.

Set includes:

  • Mallets, Set of 6
  • Balls, 84 mm dia, Set of 6
  • Vinyl-Coated Steel Wickets, 9 Ea
  • Hardwood Stakes, 24"L, 2 Ea
  • Storage Bag, 1 Ea