GamePlay BagMania Set

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Strong steel frame and durable MDF top make these the best boards available for beanbag games!

Enjoy hours of fun with countless corn hole games played on GamePlay BagMania boards! Custom graphics allow for game variations to increase scoring opportunities, strategy, and competition. Features a welded steel frame and MDF top (the same as table tennis tables) to ensure boards will last game after game without warping. The steel legs fold for convenient, nested storage.

Supreme Durability

Boards feature a welded, heavy-duty steel frame that reinforces and strengthens the board tops. MDF board tops will not break if stepped on or dropped. Plus, if you're playing outside where it is damp, you don't have to worry about these boards warping or becoming unplayable. Folding, steel legs lock into place and prop up boards to the ideal angle during gameplay. When the game ends, fold the legs flat for easy transportation and storage!

Numerous Gameplay Options

Play a traditional game of cornhole on these boards or choose from 3 game variations outlined in the included instructions. Boards support different styles of play, depending on the age or skill level of those tossing beanbags. Colored areas signify different point values, with higher point values starting at the hole and descending down the board. Various scoring possibilities mean more opportunities for fun!

Complete Set includes 2 boards (48"L x 24"W each, 46 lb total), eight 6" beanbags (4 ea red, blue), and activity instructions.

Develop Critical Skills

Bean bag tossing boards are an ideal way for students to practice and refine a range of critical skills. Tossing requires good form, proper approach, gauged strength, and depth perception to land the bag on the board or in the hole. In addition, students need to make adjustments on the fly to correct poor tosses or those that are off-target. Students working together as a team will need to communicate and strategize together, bolstering these important traits in players.