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GaGa Pit Brackets

Expected Ship Date 06/28/2024
Unit:  Set of 8

Build a GaGa pit using heavy-duty steel brackets and your own wooden planks!

We'll supply the GaGa pit brackets, and you provide the wood! Generally, GaGa Ball pits are available only in select, predetermined sizes. Now, you can use these eight steel brackets to make a custom pit ranging from 20' to 25' dia by simply adjusting the length of the boards between them. Each 30"H bracket includes three sets of 1/4" dia holes to hold up to three 10"W x 1-1/2" thick boards. Once assembled, use the pit to play a high-action game of GaGa Ball where players hit the ball and try to knock other players out of the game. This game allows players to work on their throwing, dodging, and running skills. Teachers can also incorporate the pit into other games that require a large, contained space.

Blue powder-coated steel construction ensures the brackets hold up to use outdoors in all weather conditions. Wood and hardware not included. Each bracket is 6-3/4"W. Set of 8 weighs 10 lb.