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FullStrong Strongman Bags

As low as $89.95
Our biggest, heaviest sandbags put your strength to the ultimate test.

Can you go toe to toe with elite Strongman athletes and lift these large sand bags? They’re prefilled and ready for reps right out of the box, so you can forget about messy setup and leave your excuses at the door. A larger design with no handles allows for more ambitious lifts and leaves room for sand to shift, so even the boldest athletes will face a hefty challenge with these Strongman gym bags.

The durable neoprene shell stands up to intense indoor use in shared settings yet remains friendly to the skin for comfort during aggressive carries and shouldering movements. Quality fill is tightly contained within a waterproof military-spec 1000D coated Cordura liner.

Each sandbag features a weight identifier printed on the side and one end as well as a color-coded band for even easier identification. Size varies by weight. Fill may settle during transit and will distribute evenly during use.


  • 50 lb. Red, 9” dia x 18”L
  • 75 lb. Orange, 10-1/2” dia x 18”L
  • 100 lb. Yellow, 12-1/2” dia x 18”L
  • 125 lb. Green, 13” dia x 18”L
  • 150 lb. Blue, 14” dia x 18”L

Set Options

  • Light Set. Includes 3 sandbags (1 Ea 50-100 lb).
  • Heavy Set. Includes 3 sandbags (1 Ea 100-150 lb).