Rainbow FitDotz Locomotor Spots


Illustrate basic locomotor skills with movements molded right into these spots!

Each brightly colored spot features clear start/stop images of a physical movement designed to increase basic locomotor proficiency in younger students. Use them to easily set up skills stations or incorporate them in games and activities and watch students hop, jump, and skip with excitement!

The graphics are molded right into the durable vinyl spots, so they won't fade or peel over time. Durable vinyl construction also lasts for years and grips to the surface where you place these spots. Bright Rainbow colors are fun for younger students to interact with and make organization a breeze.

Movements are categorized by color of Rainbow spot. Available in a Set of 30. 9" dia.

Set includes:

  • Walking (Red), 5 Ea
  • Hopping (Orange), 5 Ea
  • Skipping (Yellow), 5 Ea
  • Side-sliding (Green), 5 Ea
  • Jumping (Blue), 5 Ea
  • Leaping (Purple), 5 Ea