Figure-8 Balance Beam

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Unit:  Set of 26

Challenging balance beam for kids is the tallest and narrowest!

A unique Figure 8 shape and narrow 2"W walking path provides a balancing challenge for students of all ages. Made of durable plastic, with interlocking sections that easily secure, this balance beam remains sturdy even if kids wobble!

The narrow 2"W top and 6"H pieces add a challenge as students step from section to section. Younger students can focus on simply making it through without losing their footing, while older students can quicken the pace and go for speed as they race the clock. The resilient plastic construction easily stands up to routine use and will retain its shape. Individual pieces interlock for easy assembly. Tongue and groove joints on each piece secure for stable fit, even when stepped on.

Set includes 26 pieces total (18 curved, 8 straight, each is 8"L x 6"H). Beam measures 9-2/3'L x 4-1/3'W assembled and weighs 31 lb total.