Fatal Vision Turn 'N Learn Classroom Challenge

Direct Ship, Expected Ship Date 07/05/2024
Unit:  Ea

Get the entire class involved as students have fun while creatively learning about the effects of impaired, drowsy, and distracted driving.

Fatal Vision kit includes safe, hands-on activities and games that let students experience how various impairments and distractions affect their ability to concentrate when driving. Group students into teams and let them take turns spinning the Turn 'N Learn wheel to randomly select a category. Teammates work together to answer questions, perform activities, and role play scenarios associated with the category. Goggles also let them see through the eyes of an impaired driver and help them learn how to make safe decisions. Through the process, students also learn important facts and dispel myths associated with distracted driving. The substance abuse kit is ideal for use as part of a classroom lesson, safety fairs, community events, or in a student commons area.

Kit includes:

  • Game Wheel w/ Carrying Case, 20-1/2" dia, 1 Ea
  • Game Wheel Inserts and Center Hub, 1 Ea
  • Alcohol Goggles, Estimated BAC .17–.20+, 1 Ea
  • Drowsy and Distracted Goggle, 1 Ea
  • Alcohol and Distracted Driving Game Play Cards, 1 Set
  • Game Play Activities:
    • Play Coins, 1 Set
    • Playing Cards, 2 Decks
    • Building Blocks, 1 Set
    • Disposable Plastic Cups, 50 Ea
    • Acrylic Pitchers, 2 Ea
    • Digital Timer, 1 Ea
    • Stress Balls, 3 Ea
  • Backpack
  • Classroom and Booth Set-up User Guides