EZTeam ClassicCoat Black & White Dodgeball Sets

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Contrasting black and white foam dodgeballs balls are perfect for fast and easy team organization!

Easy Organization

Foam dodgeball sets features high-contrast black and white coatings that provide quick and easy team organization. Everyone will know instantly which team they are on based on the color of their ball, so you can spend less time setting up the game. And with instructions for 14 contact and non-contact games, your class will stay engaged. All activities are inclusive, and require teamwork and communication.

Superior Construction

Player-friendly dodgeballs are constructed of premium soft-impact foam, greatly reducing impact during contact games. Low-density foam is lighter and slower in flight, increasing control. The soft foam is also easy to squeeze, so students get a good hold on the ball while throwing and catching. A tough outer coating protects the foam and resists cracking and peeling, even with intense use. It also gives the ball a slightly tacky surface, enhancing students’ grip.

Available in Sets of 6 in white or black.