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EZ Turn Speed Ropes

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Engineered for easy, smooth revolutions and lasting performance!

Perfect for advanced jumpers and beginners alike, these ropes are easy to spin and tremendously durable! An ergonomic handle provides superior grip, while an innovative plastic ball bearing makes turning the rope effortless. Numerous color options abound lend these jump ropes to games, group activities, or single rope jumping.

Superior Handling

Sturdy, one-piece, grooved plastic handles (5-1/2"L) offer an ergonomic, no-slip grip for comfort and safety. Foam handles add extra comfort. Smooth rotation from molded-plastic ball bearings inside the handles promote faster turning for a high-intensity cardiovascular workout. With a thin 1/4” diameter, these ropes are light enough to teach fundamentals to younger students.

Durable Design

The durable PVC rope is ideal for routine use by large groups. PVC can take the force of repeated, rapid impact on gym floors and pavement without wearing. Despite its toughness, it is lightweight for easy use. Molded-plastic ball bearings prevent rope breakage.

Easy Rope Identification

With specific colors designating rope length, students can identify the right size in seconds. Bright colors also allow ropes to be organized accordingly on racks or carts for quick selection, then organized again during cleanup for storage.