EZ Strike Tetherballs

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Soft, light tetherball trainers takes the intimidation out of the game.

An incredibly soft and velvety stitched foam cover helps younger students develop confidence as they learn how to play tetherball. A soft, elastic loop connection rope is safer than a traditional metal carabiner. The ball easily detaches for storage.

This lightweight ball will not sting students' arms as they hit it back and forth. Stitched foam-rubber construction reduces the amount of sting when hitting the ball. A grippy texture on the ball cover also gives students more control.

This ball can be used indoors or out, but it's recommended to store it indoors between use. Ball includes an 8'L rope and a carbineer for easy attaching to your existing tetherball pole.

Choose between an Official Size 8” dia ball or an Oversized 10” dia ball that is 35% larger for more success with a larger striking space.