Evolution Medicine Balls

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Premium materials and durable construction for a high-quality CrossFit wall ball!

Designed to offer the best grip and long-lasting durability, the 14” dia UltraFit Evolution is one of the most advanced oversized medicine balls on the market.

Superior Grip

Constructed with 14 raised panels and made from a special tacky material, the Evolution offers a much better grip than traditional slick, vinyl covers. The cover's seams between panels are grip sites for fingertips, so students of all ages and abilities get a superior hold and have better control, even during the most intense wall ball drills and medicine ball workouts when hands can get sweaty.

Superior Construction

Evolution is constructed with an oversized and uniform 14" dia. The larger, consistent size is easier to throw, track, and catch and makes the transition to a heavier weight easier. The cover's seams are reinforced with extra stitching to prevent stretching and fraying so the ball withstands years of workouts. A soft, inner shell is stuffed with high-quality filling material that delivers better shape retention and a balanced weight so students can focus on form and technique and not on controlling a lumpy or imbalanced ball. The dense filling also delivers little to no bounce, adding to the ball's safety.

Choose a variety of weights: lighter for beginners and heavier to challenge older students or established athletes. Find the right ball quickly as each weight is marked by a unique cover color and a large, printed-on weight identifier that will not wear off.