Evolution Kompact Medicine Ball Sets

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Our best introductory small medicine ball features the same premium construction of our Evolution, in a smaller 10" dia size that’s convenient for users of all ages and abilities!

This compact version of our grippiest oversized medicine ball is even easier to handle, so students of all ages and fitness levels can enjoy medicine ball workouts. The smaller, 10" dia is comparable to the size of a volleyball, making the Kompact less intimidating and easier to control.

Excellent Grip

A uniform 10" dia makes it easier for smaller users and beginners to properly handle this ball. Pair this compact size with the ball's grippy cover, and medicine ball training has never been more effective! The cover's ultra-grippy material and deep seams between the 14 raised panels deliver the best grip for a better workout. With better handling and more control, there will be fewer slips and accidental drops, enhancing students’ confidence while building strength, balance, and coordination.

Excellent Construction

Long-lasting seams are reinforced with threads that won't stretch or wear out and enhance the ball’s durability. The core's high-quality filling will not break down and is encased in a soft shell. This superior construction yields better shape retention and uniform weight displacement, so students can focus on mastering exercises, not controlling a lumpy or imbalanced ball. The dense filling also ensures little to no bounce, adding to its safety.

Balls are color-coded by weight and feature a large, bold weight identifier for easy identification, organization, and inventory.

Set Options

15-Ball Set. Includes 3 ea 4-12 lb balls, 1 UltraFit 3-Tier Rack, and 3 laminated UltraFit Training Charts.

22-Ball Set. Includes 3 ea 4-6 lb; 6 ea 8 lb; 5 ea 10-12 lb balls, 1 UltraFit 4-Tier Rack, and 3 laminated UltraFit Training Charts.