ErgoTurn Speed Rope

Unit:  Ea

Ergonomic handles give this cable jump rope a secure and comfortable turn!

Designed for advanced jumpers, these ropes are ideal for speed and comfort. Textured, contoured handles with a unique thumb rest give students a more comfortable and reliable grip, even at higher speeds.

Comfortable Grip

Comfortably keep turning and turning with the rope you'll never want to let go. The 5-1/2"L handle is ergonomically designed to accommodate your natural hand position and the textured thumb rest maximizes rope control.

Premium Design

Metal ball bearings evenly distribute the weight of the rope to improve fluidity without hampering speed. They also allow for a smooth and fast rotation of the rope, creating a more efficient and effective workout. Lightweight cable is protected by a durable red coating. Indoor use is recommended to extend the rope's life.

Both ropes are 12'L, but can easily be cut for a tailored training approach. Trim the rope by loosening the clasp and moving it to the desired length, cutting the cable, and closing the clasp.