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Rainbow EnormaSport Egg and Spoon Set

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Oversized egg and spoon set for colossal fun and success!

It takes balance and coordination to get from start to finish without dropping the egg. This oversized set is the perfect way to teach those skills. Set up any number of relay activities for kids, combining skill development with fun for field day activities.

Great for Skill Development

This egg spoon game is an effective way to develop and refine a large number of fundamental motor skills. Balancing the egg by itself tests dexterity and when combined with walking, emphasizes hand/eye coordination and balance. Teachers can also add obstacles for an extra challenge, encouraging students to go under, over, and around barriers while still maintaining control over the eggs.

Ideal for Beginners

These large 5" dia eggs are easier to handle than smaller options, making them perfect for younger students. The eggs have a slightly weighted bottom and fit into a groove on the 15"L spoon for a little extra stability. The design boosts confidence while still providing a challenge. Plastic construction will not crack or break. This set is great for both indoor and outdoor games.