Energizing Brain Breaks

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Quick classroom activities to refresh and re-focus!

Written by the nationally recognized Naperville Central High School, this collection of 50 classroom-proven, one- to two-minute "brain breaks" have been shown to help students' brains make more active connections for improved performance. This 64-page, full-color flipbook features photos, directions, and links to online videos. 

Keep Kids Energized

It’s important to give students “brain breaks” every now and to help boost their energy and improve their focus during class. This 64-page book, written by the nationally recognized Naperville Central High School contains 50 different activities your kids will love, with instructional pictures, directions and links to online videos to help you out. A few examples of activities include:

  • Slap Count Letters: Students alternate slapping each others’ hands while spelling a word.
  • Rock, Paper, Scissors, Math: Partners reveal a certain number of fingers to each other, and the first person to add them together wins.
  • Bizz-Buzz: Groups of students count from 1 to 40 using a combination of numbers and words.