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Electronic Whistles

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Handheld whistles offer high-quality sound at the push of a button!

These hand-operated whistles make it easy to referee with just the press of a button! The tone is loud, consistent, and recognizable. They’re easy enough for anyone to use, germ-free, and provide consistent reliability up to 1,000 blasts per battery change.

Customize Your Selection

Available in a variety models, these electronic whistles offer a tailored option to your refereeing needs. Each model comes in a distinct color, making selecting the correct whistle simple.

  • Windsor Single-Tone Orange Whistle. Operates at 105 dB for a tone that’s instantly recognizable and easy to hear.
  • Windsor Three-Tone Gray Whistle. Projects three unique noises at 105 dB to control game play based on specific actions or instances.
  • Fox 40 Premium Three-Tone Red Whistle. Provides the versatility of multiple tones at a 125 dB range, making it great for larger events.
  • Robic Two-Tone Whistle. Water-resistant whistle has 2 tones to choose from. It is easy to use with one hand and emits sound up to 125 dB. Includes an additional color ring and lanyard.
  • Ultrak Single-Tone Whistle. Single-tone whistle emits sound up to 107 bD. Its smaller width is easy to hold. Includes a built-in LED light, a belt clip, and lanyard string.
  • Gopher Three-Tone Whistle. Grab attention using a handheld electronic whistle with 3 tone settings. It operates at 125 dB range. Simple switch lets user change between the tone settings and turn the whistle on/off. Includes a wrist/neck strap for easy handling.

All whistles include batteries. Windsor whistles includes 2 AAA batteries. Fox 40 whistle has a rechargeable 9v battery. Robic whistle includes 2 AA batteries. Ultrak whistle requires 4 LR44 batteries. Gopher Whistle is powered by 4 CR2032 batteries.

Sanitary and Safe Design

Because this hand-operated whistle never makes contact with a user's mouth, there’s a lower risk of transferring germs from person to person. Whistles include a wrist strap to keep track of them during use.

Heavy-duty plastic construction makes the whistle long-lasting, while a TPR overlay make it easy to grip it. The durable construction is also easy to clean and sanitize, making it perfect for institutional use.