DuraHoopPlus Hoops

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The thickest hoop on the market lasts for years and will never kink!

A thicker, yet flexible 3 mm wall prevents this durable hoop from kinking when bent or stepped on. A fused design, paired with additional thickness, makes this our best hoop!

Extra Thickness for Extra Durability

At 3 mm thick, this hoop is ready to stand up to rough and consistent use in the gymnasium or on the playground. The molded polyethylene construction ensures there are no weak points in the hoop, decreasing the chance of kinks or breaks. The hoops are fused, not stapled, for enhanced strength.

Versatile Sizes and Colors

Vibrant Rainbow colors make it easy to divide classes into color-coded relay groups or activities. The bright colors also ensure the hoops will be seen from far away, whether on pavement or in long grass.

Three sizes give teachers the option to customize their activities and accommodate different ages. Smaller hoops are great for younger students or for advanced target games, while larger hoops are perfect for older students or for easier target games.

Class Pack includes 72 hoops (24 ea 24", 30", and 36" dia) and a hoop caddy. Rainbow Sets of 12 are also available in 3 hoop sizes.