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DuraHoop Skinny Hoops

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Just as thick as our DuraHoop, with a 50% smaller diameter!

These easier-to-handle, light hula hoops are the perfect option for your youngest students! A fused design makes them safer and more durable than traditional hoops—without the weight!

Thinner and Lighter

While these hoops feature the same 2.3 mm wall thickness as our standard DuraHoop, they are only half as thick! This makes them not only the skinniest, but also the lightest hoop we offer. DuraHoop Skinny is less intimidating for beginners or a great challenge for older students who have mastered standard hooping and want to learn more advanced hoop tricks, like catching them in the air or spinning them around the arm. In fact, at .3 lb each (compared to 1 lb for most hoops), these hoops are light enough that they can even be spun around a finger!

Tough and Safe

Just because they are skinnier doesn’t mean they are less durable! These feature the same 2.3 mm wall thickness as our other DuraHoop Hoops, so they are designed to stand up to long periods of institutional use.

A fused design adds to Skinny’s durability. Even if they get stepped on, they will never kink or break due to their fused (not stapled) design.

No staples also keeps students safer. Stapled hoops often come loose or apart, exposing a sharp point that can easily injury students. We completely eliminated that with a fused connection point.

Various Sizes and Colors

Vibrant Rainbow colors easily organize relay races and activities. Adding a pop of color also pumps up the fun and allows younger students to pick their favorite. Multiple sizes accommodate a variety of ages and activities so everyone is involved and students never get tired of using them!

DuraHoop Skinny Hoop Options

DuraHoop Skinny Hoops are available in a Rainbow Class Pack of 72 with hoop caddy and in Rainbow Sets of 12 in 2 sizes:

  • 24”
  • 30”

Class Pack. Includes 36 ea 24"-30" dia and hoop caddy.