DuraHoop Revolution Hoops

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Revolutionary design makes these reinforced hoops the absolute strongest hoop you'll find!

Solid, one-piece extruded hoops provide unbeatable durability! Unique reinforcement ensures structural integrity, even after years of routine use. Its fused design is safer than standard stapled hoops and will last for years.

Safe and Durable Construction

DuraHoop’s fused design ensures they will not come apart and eliminates sharp staples traditionally used to hold hoops together. The 2 mm thickness and heaviness makes the hoops kink-proof and unable to bend. A reinforcing cross design on the inside of the hoops makes them incredibly strong and able to hold up to routine use for many years.

Versatile and Colorful Design

Beginners will appreciate the added weight of the hoops because they move more slowly than other hoops while learning movements. Teachers can also use these hoops to set up obstacle courses or targets during activities.

These hoops are available in 3 sizes, so PE teachers can find the option that works best for class needs. Vibrant Rainbow colors make it easy to create color-coded activities. The Rainbow Class Pack includes 72 hoops (24 ea 24", 30", and 36" dia), enough to accommodate a variety of class sizes, ages, and activities. The Class Pack also includes a hoop caddy. Individual sizes are also available in Sets of 12 in Screamin' Orange or Rainbow colors.