DuraHoop Hoops

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Our standard DuraHoop exceeds others' standard hoops with long-lasting, durable performance!

Featuring a 2.3 mm thick wall with fused, staple-free ends, this is a hoop that is safer and more durable than other similar hoops on the market. Its rigid design makes it kink-proof, even when stepped on.

Safe and Long-Lasting Construction

Traditional hoops are usually stapled together that can loosen over time or create sharp points. That’s the not case with DuraHoop hoops. They are fused together, which means no staples are necessary. This greatly reduces the risk of the hoops coming apart and students getting injured while using these.

Thick and Sturdy

Our hoops’ walls are 2.3 mm thick, making them thicker and more durable than competitors. They are kink-proof and able to hold up to long-term institutional play, even if stepped on. That durability also makes these hoops great for activities when they are thrown. Their lighter weight makes them great for younger students to toss.

Several Sizes for Several Purposes

The size hoop you choose depends on the age of your students and the activities you will be using the hoops for. Smaller hoops are especially appropriate for younger students or to make smaller targets or goals, whereas larger hoops are better for older and larger students and for making bigger goals that are easier to hit.

Hoops are available in Rainbow Sets of 12 or in a Rainbow Class Pack of 72 (24 ea 24”, 30”, 36” dia) with a hoop caddy (33”L x 27”W x 48”H).