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DuraHoop Flat Hoops

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Extra-strong, flat plastic hula hoops.

Flat hula hoops are great for non-traditional hoop activities! Students can step in them, on them, around them, or through them! The solid one-piece injection-molded ring has edges all around for added strength, making it sturdy yet flexible.

Unique Versatility

A thin, flat design make these makes these hoops ideal for a wide variety of activities! Simply place them on the floor and create a unique pattern for agility drills to work on speed and coordination. Create a unique game of tic-tac-toe to promote teamwork and strategy. Or use them with rhythmic gymnastic activities.

Outstanding Durability

Most of our other hoops are hollow, but these are solid all the way through. Step on them and they won’t bend. The solid design also makes them heavier, which helps them stay in place on the floor. It also provides a truer flight for tossing or target games that help students improve eye-hand coordination and throwing/catching skills.

Smaller Sizes

DuraHoop Flat is available in smaller sizes than our other DuraHoops because they are primarily for target and tossing activities rather than for actual hooping. They are available in Sets of 12, making it easy to create agility courses multiple targets for large-group activities. Rainbow colors add a pop of fun and make it easy to organize teams and drills.

DuraHoop Flat Hoop Options

DuraHoop Flat Hoops are available in Rainbow Sets of 12 in 3 sizes.

  • 14”
  • 20”
  • 24”