Double Safety First Base


Position players on a double base to avoid collisions!

Two bases are fused side-by-side in this double first base. The orange half is positioned outside the foul line for the runner to step on, and the white half is meant for the first baseman.

Safe Option

The side-by-side design reduces the risk of collision when rounding first with a base strictly for the runner and another for the fielder. The bases are clearly marked in white and orange to easily distinguish each side. Players can run at full speed toward first base without having to worry about injury.

Quality Design

The base has a tough, pebbled cover for improved traction. A heavy-duty polyurethane foam pad gives runners a softer landing. Anchors are placed in the ground and attached to the base bracket, enabling this base to break away from the ground anchor when too much force is put on the bag.

Base measures 30"L x 15"W x 3"H. Set includes base, ground anchors, and plugs. Additional plugs sold separately.